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8/3/2014: Finally got around to fixing the link to my SA:D Trainer. Link:

5/3/2013: Posted a video on the development of the SAD hack. Watch it below. Enjoy it. Things on premium will be posted soon.

4/28/2013: Started developing a new SAD hack. Final one. Details in post called "Updates!! :D". Also, I started a new code pasting service. It's at . I programmed the website myself.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

YoungDragon's SAD Trainer V1.2

So, I updated it. Hopefully, the variables don't get patched soon. In that case, I would have to go hunting for them.


Speed Hack(On/Off): Self Explanatory
Wall Hack(On/Off): Self Explanatory
HP Hack(On/Off): Self Explanatory
Anti-lag: Self Explanatory
Temp Anti-Ban: Self Explanatory
Weapons Hack(On/Off): Self Explanatory
Labpass Weapons: You get the weapons you would get as a labpass player. They replace weapon spawns and are fully functional.
Labpass(On/Off): Self Explanatory
Reload Hack(On/Off): Self Explanatory
Credits Hack: Self Explanatory
Name Color Hack: Self Explanatory
Rank Hack: Self Explanatory
Name Hack: Self Explanatory
Round Time Hack: Self Explanatory
Total Wins: Self Explanatory
Total Losses: Self Explanatory
Total Deaths: Self Explanatory
Var Editor: Self Explanatory

Radar: Self Explanatory 
Killbot: Self Explanatory
Mouse Teleport: Self Explanatory
Zombie Hack: Self Explanatory
Auto Attack: Self Explanatory
Instant Weapon Spawn: Self Explanatory
Player Status: Gets the stats of almost every player in the game(Doesn't get player 5 or 6)
Weapon Status: Gets the stats of every weapon that is in the game you are in.

Hope to add soon:
Master eye



  1. hello youndragon i dont know if it got patched like u said but idk mine is not working. i am new at this i had a olli3 version . then i heard of urs the version 1. they where both working but urs was better because i like it better but now all they both do is load up to the part where it says checking updates and it freezes never moves. wherever u move the mouse the stickmans eyes still go though xD . i even downloaded this v2 version it still does the same. they just stopped working today could you tell me what the problem is? and i love ur hacks please continue making

  2. oh and to add to that i think something idk cuz when i go on wesite it still works. the official xgenstudios.

  3. oh and after that i was wondering if this weapon hack actually works because on v1 it changes to watever weapon but it works like a punch u have to be near. u see shots firing but only punch damage. and does his have working anti ban cause i need bad my ip is banned.

  4. oh im so sorry ignore those i just went on my other pc the trainer works doesnt stop an checking for updates lemme see how it works thnx yd xD

  5. youngdragon idk if you are listening but would it be too much to ask if u where to make a permanent hack for the ville on facebook, and to put it for mediafire. all the others on youtube are either viruses or wase of time to do lots of surveys for each of the letters of the password to extract. if u cud make a hack for the ville on facebook, or farmville or yoville. anything wud be gud plzzz :)

  6. I'm listening. I'm sorry, but I don't make any Facebook related trainers. The reason is that these hacks are only visible to you and are never permanent. Your screen says it, but the server does not.

  7. Hey bro, nice trainer. Its working perfectly for me and cred hack IS giving me creds but there is a catch. I use the amount of creds to buy a spinner, even when the lab pass is visual i buy the first ones yet the spinner doesnt apear in my spinner inventory.

  8. It would be very nice if you could make an aimbot function to.

  9. could you make a updated version? because after about 15minutes or so i get kicked from the game for innactivity even when im just using the health hack :\

  10. thanks very much young awesome trainer

  11. The hacks wont work. It says that your acc is suspended.

  12. hey YoungDragon thanks for the hacks they are awesome. However, you should tell people to download WinZip18 because doesn't work. WinZip18 is actually the only way to use the hacks so in order to not struggle with the hacks everyone who is downloading the hacks needs to know to download WinZip18. Then they right click the file and select open with WinZip and either buy a license or use the evaluated version. Thank you and guys I recommend using the hacks on quick because of efk123 and schallmeister.

  13. It has been 2 years since you released this SAD hack. So why not make a 1.3 or any other newer version? That would be great.

  14. how to download sad trainer sir youngdragon?

  15. Hey Youngdragon this link is broken. Please fix it. It opens a site named and says webpage is supended. Please do something

    In google chrome:
    1. highlight his link, the mediafire link not his own website link.
    2. right click on it
    3. press "Open URL"
    Works perfect. You're all welcome.

  17. Also gonna note: You need to unzip the file, which requires a piece of shit unzipper. If anyone can post on how to do it for free, please post it here. I don't feel like paying 30 dollars for winzip, izip unarchiver, etc etc

  18. you still doing theses